Backstage News On The Future Of A WWE Tag Team

(Photo Credit: @K3nnyWWE)

Wade Barrett revealed on commentary on this week’s episode of WWE RAW that Erik, one half of the Viking Raiders tag team, is out injured “for the foreseeable future.” Erik’s partner Ivar lost a singles bout to Xavier Woods on the show and will face Kofi Kingston in a “Viking Rules” match this coming Monday.

Erik is likely to remain out of commission for several months, regardless of the cause of his injury. In regards to Ivar’s future, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted the following:

“The decision was made because Ray Rowe [Erik] is out after surgery, said to be for at least six months, is to push Ivar as a singles player. In the past when one member of a tag team that’s usually an exclusive team gets hurt, they’ve just not used the other much.”