Backstage News On The WWE Stars That Missed Clash Of Champions

Dave Meltzer of provided an update on Nikki Cross, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler being pulled from the Clash of Champions PPV:

“I know at least one of the three and probably two of the three do not have COVID-19, they were in contact with someone who does, so it might even be all three. I know for sure one (doesn’t have COVID-19) and I think two.”

“WWE was afraid of a COVID-19 spread, and they were in contact so they were not allowed on the show, but they’re all — I don’t know how all of their health is, but at least two of the three are not unhealthy as we speak. Hopefully, they do not get unhealthy.”

It’s believed that WWE knew Cross was going to be off the PPV since Friday and possibly before that but continued to promote the match anyway.

As previously noted, Jax wrote “Lies” on Twitter in response to WWE’s official announcement about the situation. Baszler had published a photo on Instagram of her ring gear just hours before it was announced that the match was being canceled.