Concern Within NXT That The Brand May Be ‘Picked Dry’ In WWE Draft

WWE will include the NXT brand alongside Raw and SmackDown for this year’s Draft, with talent being called up and main roster talent being sent down to NXT.

To keep the NXT names a secret, they were purposefully hidden in pools, according to Fightful Select. A draft party is being held for fans at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Some people in NXT are not optimistic, as talent and brand sources stated, “There is a fear that NXT may be ‘picked dry’ in the Draft, as the brand has been in years prior.” According to reports, many wrestlers are unaware of their current status.

According to the report, “This has led to the concern that WWE will be calling talent up without a plan, which has been a heavy criticism of NXT call-ups in recent years.” There have also been concerns about how some talent may interpret the move as a demotion.

One source stated that they believe several main roster talents would benefit from a run on NXT.

According to several main roster sources, NXT’s move to the CW Network should bring a lot of star power.