Backstage News On Why Brock Lesnar Did Not Appear At WWE Money In The Bank

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE at Monday’s post-Money in the Bank edition of RAW to continue his feud with Cody Rhodes. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins delivered an in-ring promo, which was cut short by Rhodes. Before Rhodes could finish his second sentence, Lesnar’s music began to play, and he emerged with a smile on his face. Rhodes rushed out of the ring and confronted with Lesnar on the aisle, where they brawled their way down to ringside and then into the ring. The fight went on until Rhodes blocked the F5 and hit Lesnar with a Cody Cutter. As an enraged Lesnar stared up at Rhodes in the ring, RAW went to commercial.

Later, Rhodes spoke with Jackie Redmond and stated that he is a man of his word, as he stated that he would be waiting for Lesnar, and here he was, so welcome back Brock. Lesnar, according to Cody, broke his arm and busted his face, so they can’t coexist. Cody then stated that he wants another shot at Lesnar and that he will fight Lesnar any night, any time.

Lesnar was reported to be traveling to London for an angle with Rhodes in the lead-up to their SummerSlam match mid-week in the lead-up to Money In the Bank Weekend. Lesnar did not appear and was obviously not in London. Rhodes easily defeated Dominik Mysterio, and while many fans expected Lesnar to attack, he never did.

In an update, WRKDWrestling reports that Lesnar’s plans changed before Money In The Bank due to the surprise returns of John Cena and Drew McIntyre in London.

WWE officials were quoted as saying that Lesnar’s return at Money In The Bank would be hampered by additional surprises that night.

The rematch between Lesnar and Rhodes is scheduled for WWE SummerSlam on Saturday, August 5 from Ford Field in Detroit. The SummerSlam match will have a stipulation, but there is no word on what it will be. The Wrestling Observer Radio noted that the stipulation has not been decided on.

Lesnar defeated Rhodes at WWE Backlash on May 6, but Lesnar reclaimed the victory at WWE Night of Champions on May 27.