Backstage News On WWE’s Long Term Strategy With Solo Sikoa And The Bloodline

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Solo Sikoa has received the biggest push of his career thus far, as his new role in The Bloodline has seen him transition from Roman Reigns’ enforcer before Reigns left to take a break after WrestleMania XL to wanting to be the new Tribal Chief.

He has brought in Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa while dismissing Jimmy Uso. The Bloodline defeated Kevin Owens and Randy Orton at Backlash France.

Jacob Fatu is the latest to join WWE after leaving MLW, where he was a top star. He is expected to make his WWE television debut soon. When he arrives, he is expected to join the main roster and be assigned to SmackDown.

According to WrestleVotes, WWE has a long-term strategy to make Sikoa the faction’s main force, but Fatu may currently outshine Sikoa.

“Interesting tidbit here: sources suggest that Solo Sikoa’s recent aggressive streak is part of a strategy to establish him as ‘the’ main force within this new phase of the Bloodline, ahead of Jacob Fatu’s debut. However, some trepidation remains within creative over fear that Fatu’s presence could outshine Solo at this stage.”