Backstage News On WWE’s Storyline Plans For CM Punk

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Many fans are thinking about dream matches after CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series after being away from the company for nearly a decade. Punk will have plenty of new wrestlers to work with in the future.

WWE is clearly preparing for Punk vs. World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in the near future. That’s why, when Punk arrived at Survivor Series, Rollins lost his cool, flipping him off and cursing him.

The following night, Rollins continued the storyline at a live event, and he even stated in his promo on Monday Night RAW two nights later that he wouldn’t waste his time on Punk. Rollins was aware that Punk would be appearing following their match moments before going out with the other Survivor Series main eventers.

Following Punk vs. Rollins, the direction is Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Punk, as previously reported by Sports Illustrated.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that fans will have to wait a while to see Punk face Reigns.

Meltzer stated, “For right now, the plan is to take a lot of time before getting there. The feeling right now is that will be gigantic at the time they choose to get there. Whether it results in [Paul] Heyman leaving Reigns for Punk and Punk going heel and Reigns face, which was the speculation we got, there are multiple different ways to approach that.”

WrestleMania 40 could feature Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk, according to Meltzer.