Backstage Update On Chad Gable’s WWE Contract

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Chad Gable joins other WWE superstars, including Ricochet and Natalya, whose contracts are about to expire.

Last week, word spread that Gable’s WWE contract was set to expire this week, and no agreement was reached. Under Triple H, Gable was given a renewed push as Alpha Academy’s leader and underwent a heel turn. Some have even compared him to a previous WWE champion.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful on the Fightful Backstage Report, Gable’s contract expires this Friday.

Sapp stated, “Chad Gable’s contract is up Friday. This upcoming Friday. He is factored huge into WWE plans and, thus far, does not have a new contract. He’s expected to get offers from both companies if he hits that area. I don’t know if WWE made him an official offer. Based on what other people I have heard they have made offers on I would be surprised if they didn’t. That’s one to monitor. He’s got an awful lot of leverage right now.”

Gable has yet to make a public comment about his contract expiring.