Backstage Update On Drew McIntyre’s WWE Contract Status

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Months have passed, and WWE has yet to sign one of its biggest stars to a contract while time is running out on his current contract.

Drew McIntyre has yet to sign a new deal with WWE, and his current contract is set to expire after WrestleMania.

McIntyre has recently turned heel and has received praise for his character work on television as we approach WrestleMania season, where he could get a lot of attention as WWE searches for a new opponent for World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

That will be determined during next week’s Elimination Chamber PLE.

Dave Meltzer spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio about the latest developments with McIntyre.

“Drew McIntyre was announced for a [house] show in May in Italy. And obviously, his contract is up in April. So I guess the first question was that he signed a deal, and the answer is no, he has not signed a new deal. But he seems very happy so far with his new character, and he’s really excited about it. They’re working with the idea that he’s not going anywhere. No, but nothing signed. But I think the talk of him taking a lot of time off and everything like that. Probably not. And he’ll probably sign a new deal, but it’s still just a probable until it happens.”

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