Backstage Update On The “Hiccups” During This Week’s WWE RAW Main Event

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As previously reported, a backstage “argument” allegedly occurred after the main event of WWE RAW this week. Some segments of The Judgment Day vs. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins did not appear to go as planned.

In an update,’s Mike Johnson was contacted by a source who described what happened as a “difference of opinion” rather than an argument. Johnson went into more detail, writing, “The same source stated that almost to the second ring entrances were happening, there was a re-working of plans and when things didn’t go smoothly in the ring, it exacerbated the issues. They felt that the changes may have led to the domino effect of things not being ‘as smooth as it would have been otherwise’ inside the ring.”

WWE insider Boozer Rasslin also commented about the situation, writing, “Raw ME [main event] had some callout hiccups. Yes it raised Q [questions]’s backstage on what went wrong. Seth missed out on a Slingblade and it reset things while Sami didnt know of the error. Nothing went wrong bstage [backstage]. Of course a discussion to what happened but no arguments. PWI with the exclus ??”