Backstage Update On Vince McMahon’s Status And Future With WWE

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel is treating WWE and Vince McMahon differently than he did Dana White as UFC President as Emanuel kept White on board and in charge.

Triple H is in charge of 99.9% of WWE creative moving forward. McMahon is currently not involved creatively as Emanuel decided to keep Triple H in charge of creative without McMahon’s influence making last-minute changes.

McMahon sold $700 million in TKO stock a month ago. The 8.4 million shares sold represented nearly a quarter of McMahon’s TKO holdings. This raised concerns about McMahon’s long-term future with WWE.

Sports Illustrated reported today that sources in WWE told them that McMahon has no plans to leave the company. McMahon reportedly needed the money now, so he sold a large portion of his stock. It’s unclear why he required the funds.

According to sources, McMahon has no plans to leave the company and “McMahon still wields great power in the company.”

It was also stated that McMahon’s working relationship with Emanuel remains positive following the decision to put Triple H in charge of creative without interference.