Baron Corbin Now A Regular In WWE NXT

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE plans to move more main roster stars to NXT as part of its strategy to turn it into a legitimate third brand.

Baron Corbin returned to NXT a few weeks ago, and he has ditched the comedic side of his character. He’s returned to the serious Lone Wolf character that fans first met years ago. Tuesday night on NXT, they aired a video in which Corbin says he’s done with gimmicks and the BS and foolishness.

The video looked to confirm Corbin’s return, and Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that he is now a full-time member of the brand. “He’s a regular now in NXT and there’s going to be more people like that,” Meltzer stated.

WWE has experimented with many gimmicks and storylines for Corbin over the last few years. During his feud with Roman Reings in 2019, he was pushed as a powerful heel as King Corbin. WWE attempted to rebrand him as a wealthy man alongside Madcap Moss, and last year he was linked with JBL.