Batista Challenged To Debate By Former WWE Star, Drew McIntyre Talks Thunderdome

– Former WWE star Val Venis (Sean Morley) wrote the following on Twitter:

– In an interview with, Drew McIntyre talked the positives of the WWE Thunderdome concept:

“Once we got into the ThunderDome and we were able to jazz things up without the fans there, we really took the entrances to the next level. And I just saw from my entrance on the clip, I come out in my traditional Scottish kilt, the five foot claymore, I turn that bad boy around, drive it into the stage, and it sets off a crazy pyrotechnic show. And if the fans were there live, we couldn’t do it to that level, so you’ve got to find the positives in the negative times. That’s what it’s all about right now. And as performers, it feels we’re back at home.”