Bayley Calls Match Against Rhea Ripley For The Title At WrestleMania 40 A “Dream Match”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Bayley recently spoke with the New York Post on a number of topics including how a match against Rhea Ripley for Ripley’s title at WrestleMania 40 would be a dream match.

Bayley said, “If I’m able to work with her at WrestleMania, that would just be a dream match I [have] never even thought of before. She is obviously untouchable. She is the most talked about woman on TV right now and she backs it up. She doesn’t just have the look. She doesn’t just have the body. She doesn’t just have – besides Damage CTRL – a badass group to align with. She’s so good and it makes me so mad. ‘I’m like why are you so good, you are so young.’ I can’t even throw a drop kick and she can do one over my head. Just little things that she does that she’s able to do and portray on TV is very hard to do and she does it with ease. She carried that title on her back proudly. I’m gonna have to take it off of her and it will be an honor to do. It will be an honor, Rhea.”