Becky Lynch: “I’m Thinking Maybe It’s Time I Make My Debut In An Elimination Chamber Match”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

“The Man” has done almost everything in WWE.

Almost everything.

During a recent appearance on the Casual Podcast with Brad Tate, Becky Lynch spoke about her desire to make her Elimination Chamber match debut this year at the WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth premium live event on February 24 in Australia.

There is a big ol premium live event coming up, but first there is Elimination Chamber. Did you know that I’ve never been in Elimination Chamber? I’ve been in many matches, nearly all of the types of matches one could do in a wrestling ring, but I’ve not been in Elimination Chamber. So, I’m looking at that and thinking maybe it’s time Becky Lynch makes her debut in an Elimination Chamber match, maybe she wins, and maybe she goes on to main event WrestleMania once again,

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