Becky Lynch On The Difficulty Of Reconciling The Vince McMahon She Knows With The Lawsuit

WWE star Becky Lynch recently spoke with The Irish Independent on a number of topics including having a difficult time in reconciling the Vince McMahon she knows with the one being talked about in the lawsuit.

Lynch said, “I don’t know that person, you know what I mean? That’s been hard for me. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but especially in my last run with him there, and when I told him I was pregnant, he was so good to me. Apart from the run-ins — but you have run-ins in every relationship, especially at that level — I only ever had a wonderful experience in WWE with Vince, for the most part. So it’s very hard to reconcile that somebody else didn’t have that experience, and that other women didn’t have that experience. Especially when I had him to thank for my dream, for my husband, for my daughter, for the life that I have now. It’s hard to see those two different people in my head, and trying to merge them as one becomes very difficult. You’re reading these horrific allegations, but about somebody that you look up to as very much almost like a father figure. So you have to listen to these things and that becomes very difficult, because you’ve had no [negative] experience and you want everybody to have the experience that you’ve had, because I would always love my interactions with him, and that becomes very, very difficult, especially as a woman who has been so driven in changing the way that women are treated in wrestling and making sure that it is a safe space, that we are seen as athletes, that we are taken seriously, that we are appreciated for our minds, for our body of work, and for what we do in the ring.”