Becky Lynch’s Response To Critics of Women Headlining Shows

During a Facebook live stream with The Female Quotient, Becky Lynch addressed people that criticize women being in WWE main event matches:

“A million guys have had terrible main event matches, but if I have a sup-par main event match, the question comes up of whether women should be main eventing.”

Lynch also commented on using Twitter to her advantage:

“I was looking at all the different social media platforms, and we get maybe 10, 15 minutes a week to tell our story. But I was like, ‘Huh, I have a live mic in my hands 24/7,” Lynch said. “So I really used that to brand myself, to keep my message going, keep the story going because there’s so much content nowadays, and how do you stand out. At the time I was the underdog, I had to punch my way up. I wanted more than anything to main event WrestleMania; one to prove that it could be done, two to prove it to myself because that’s my lifelong goal, it’d never been done in 35 years, and three I wanted it to not be a token gesture, not a corporate gesture, not ‘Oh look, the women are main eventing WrestleMania.’ I wanted it to be because the audience wanted it. Because they were so invested in this storyline that nobody else could do it.”

“So I really used Twitter to use that message, almost to use it as a political campaign to to campaign my way into the main event of WrestleMania and it worked,” she continued. “People started following along and I was vicious. That became my thing is if anybody tried to get into a war of words with me I would destroy them. So eventually I figured out if you do that too much, it gets very quiet.”