Best Wrestling Instagram Captions

If you’re a wrestler on Instagram, posting a photo of you in a match or a video of you trash-talking is obvious. But what should go in the captions? It depends on the context, but some template captions can inspire you. This post will go over some of them. Also, check out ViralGrowing if you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram.

Short, Motivational Captions Always Work

Like any sport, you may want to keep it short and think of something to get your audience pumped. One example is captioning  a post with “Warrior mode: ON.” This sample caption is only three words, but many people will visualize it when they see it. They may imagine a wrestler powering up to defeat their opponent. It may motivate the reader to do good today and act just like a warrior.

Another example caption is “Grit, sweat, and determination.” Once again, this is a concise caption, but it’s visceral. You may imagine someone training for a long time to grow stronger, their body covered with sweat and pushed to its limits.

Finally, a sample caption is “Fearless and unstoppable.” It’s generic, but it is also a motivator. You want to give off an image of a wrestler who doesn’t fear an opponent and is unstoppable when they fight. Even if a wrestler loses, their determination makes them invincible.

Funny Catchphrases

Another style of wrestling caption that may work for you is being funny. Making funny, relatable, and quotable captions can make your audience smile and motivate them. Once again, let’s look at some example captions as a source of inspiration.

“On a strict diet of wins and pins.” Yes, this phrase is a little corny, but it does make people chuckle. It’s also a way to humble brag and show off how many victories you have made.

“Flexing on ’em in and out of the ring.” This is another caption that gloats but in a funny way. It’s also a great motivator to give your best in life, regardless of whether or not you’re working.

Finally, we have “Ref said, “Let’s keep it clean.” I said, “I brought my sanitizer.”  This caption feels like a dad joke, but it is funny.

Funny captions also work well if your wrestling persona is an amusing character. With these catchphrases, we recommennd tooling them for your style. Don’t copy/paste them; they will make you seem like a hack.

Wrestler Quotes

If you want good captions, looking to the greats is one way to do things. Over the years, the GOATs of wrestling have voiced their wisdom, and some of these quips can be good for a caption. One example is this quote attributed to the Undertaker. “Regardless of anything, I’m gonna write my own story and my own ending.” It’s a way to name-drop a famous wrestler in your caption and motivate your readers. In the context of this quote, it’s a reminder to be the master of your own life and give it the desired outcome even if people disagree.

You could also bring your personal life into your Instagram account and quote some wrestlers along with it. For instance, you may post a picture of your family and quote Hulk Hogan: “Whatever happens with wrestling, my family comes first.”

Of course, many wrestlers do not always talk in motivational phrases. Using a funny quote from your favorite wrestler may also work. For instance, you may quote from Stone Cold Steve Austin and say, “Short people, tall people, people with glasses, the bottom line is son, I’ll whoop all their asses.”

General Instagram Caption Tips

One way to write great Instagram captions is to follow the general caption-writing rules. Here are some basic rules.

The First Sentence Matters

In any piece of written work, the first sentence matters the most. In a book, the first sentence can determine if the reader wants to keep reading or if they will look at something else. On an Instagram caption, the first sentence matters the most because Instagram hides the rest of the caption under the “See more” button. If a person finds your caption intriguing, they may want to open it up. As a wrestler, start your caption with a motivational quip, then expand upon it in the next paragraph.

Call to Action/Questions

Another tip is to create captions that the reader will want to answer. For example, your caption may include a call-to-action (CTA.) Your CTA may involve asking your fans to buy tickets to your next performance. Or, you may ask a question, such as what your audience’s favorite move from you is. Questions can be good engagement bait and a way to learn more about your audience. If you like or respond to the comments, you can show your fans you care.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial for any Instagram caption. They can help you get discovered as a wrestler by more prominent companies and gain new fans.

What hashtags you use may depend on several factors, such as your location. Using general wrestling hashtags is also good practice. We recommend using around five captions. This way, you give enough reach without making it look like you’re stuffing your caption.

Practice Other Good Instagram Techniques

Besides the caption, there are other tips and techniques you should follow. For example, you should post regularly. You also should post at times when your audience is the most active. Speaking of your audience, study your fans to see what they like and dislike. Not only are you a wrestler, but you are the representative of your own brand.

Final Thoughts

Captions can be a great way to promote your wrestling Instagram account. They can pump up your audience, motivate them, or make them laugh. You can also quote famous wrestlers to show how much you respect the big names. However, you must also have great photos and videos, post regularly, and interact with your audience. We hope this article was helpful to you