Bianca Belair Talks About Her WWE Main Roster Debut Without A Crowd

During an interview with Charlotte Wilder of FOX Sports, Bianca Belair talked about making her main roster debut without a crowd:

“It’s been challenging. I can’t lie and say it’s fine,” Belair admitted. “The fans play a major role in what we do. We do it for the fans. I actually debuted at WrestleMania with no crowd. I debuted on RAW with no crowd. When I found out I was debuting at RAW after WrestleMania, it was something that I was really looking forward to because you can’t ask for a better debut than to debut at RAW the day after WrestleMania.”

“That’s the biggest debut you could possibly have, either at WrestleMania or the day after. That’s what I was going to be getting, and it was this huge build-up. Then, it was like, OK, now it’s not gonna be in front of thousands of people. Not only that, it’s not gonna be front of anybody. It was very challenging, but you just have to make the best of what it is, and you really have to rely on your talent and try to tell that story to convey it to the TV screen and not just to the fans in the crowd.”

“It makes out job a little more challenging, but I will say, after all of this is set and done, we have learned so much, and I feel like it has made us so much better performers,” Belair stated. “Once the audience gets in there, we’re gonna be so grateful for them, and it’s going to be some crazy shows that are gonna happen once we get the audience back.”