Big E Wanted The New Day To Have A Feud With Top WWE NXT Faction

WWE Champion Big E recently appeared on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox.

During it, he noted that The New Day had hoped to face the Undisputed Era when the faction was still on top in NXT. Since then, Bobby Fish and Adam Cole have departed from WWE.

“We always wanted to do stuff with the Undisputed Era,” he confessed. “We even talked about going down to NXT at some point and just doing a run with them. That was something we just really wanted to do. Those guys were just so incredibly hot, they had a great run down there.”

While the two groups didn’t get a feud, they got to work with them at the 2019 Survivor Series.

“But that version of Survivor Series where we involved NXT, I thought was cool and unique. It added a different flavor to Survivor Series. We didn’t get our Faction vs. Faction match with Undisputed Era, but being a part of the stuff with Viking Raiders and those guys was cool.”