Boxer/MMA Fighter Butterbean Makes Incredible Transformation With DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page’s social media accounts have all shared a video of former boxer/MMA fighter “Butterbean” Eric Esch. Wrestling fans may remember him from his boxing match at WrestleMania 15, where he defeated WWE star Bart Gunn.

Butterbean was very popular in the ’90s and 2000s, but in recent years, he’s been dealing with serious health issues, and things got so bad that he was forced to use a wheelchair due to hip and spinal issues from his fighting days. He once weighed over 500 pounds and believed he only had one or two years to live.

Butterbean began DDP Yoga with the assistance of Diamond Dallas Page, and he has regained much of his mobility, weighing less than 300 pounds now.

Everyone should watch the video below to see the incredible transformation.