Brodie Lee’s Widow Reveals How He Surprised Her With His Special WrestleMania Moment

Amanda Huber was feeling nostalgic on Saturday.

The widow of former WWE Superstar Luke Harper of The Bludgeon Brothers and The Wyatt Family, who before his untimely passing on December 26, 2020 was working as Mr. Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) as the leader of The Dark Order, took to social media to share a memory of her late husband.

Huber, who works with the AEW Community Outreach Program, wrote about being surprised when Brodie Lee, working as Luke Harper alongside Erick Rowan as The Bludgeon Brothers in WWE, captured the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships at WrestleMania 34 in 2018 with a victory over The Usos and The New Day.

“5 years ago,” she began. “I’ll never forget this moment.”

Huber continued, “I didn’t know he was going to win. He was ‘just happy to be a part of this match.’ He got to work his 2 favorite teams with his brother [Erick Rowan]. He won & searched the crowd for us. This was the moment he spotted us.”

Check out the actual post embedded below courtesy of the official Twitter page of Amanda Huber.