Bron Breakker And Baron Corbin Bid Farewell To NXT After The Show Goes Off The Air

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The final segment of this week’s post-Stand & Deliver episode of WWE NXT saw Trick Williams address the NXT Universe and call out reigning NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov to challenge him to a future title match. Dragunov would accept the match for Spring Breakin’, but would add a stipulation if Williams is unable to defeat him. Carmelo Hayes then made his way out and attacked both Williams and Dragunov.

This in-ring segment would come after the NXT Tag Team Championship Match, in which The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker and Baron Corin) came up short in to lose their titles to Nathan Frazer and Axiom.

After Tuesday’s show went off the air, Corbin and Breakker made their way out to chase Hayes off. Corbin then grabbed a microphone to thank the fans. He also thanked Breakker for helping Corbin win his first championship in WWE in six years.

Corbin then says that Breakker is going to go on to be a WWE World Champion. Breakker then thanked Corbin and said that Corbin had become a friend to him. Breakker mentioned how NXT is where everything started for him.

Breakker thanked Shawn Michaels and all of the coaches in the back who are helping prepare the future of WWE. In regards to the Wolf Dogs, Breakker said, this isn’t goodbye, but a see you later.

You can check out the video below.