Bruce Prichard Explains Why He Was Surprised By Bret Hart’s 2010 WWE In-Ring Return

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard recently took to an episode of his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including the rumored Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle match at WrestleMania 18 not being discussed.

Prichard said, “Yeah, not by us. Yeah, it’s guys sometimes will have in their head, ‘I sure would like to do this.’ And maybe they mention it, or they talk to somebody and go, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Bret wasn’t back in the ring by that point by any stretch of the imagination. And Bret had suffered the concussion, had the stroke and all of those things. So you know, Bret had no designs on being in the ring for anybody or anything for any reason.”

“So, the thought that it could have even remotely happened or been discussed on a real basis — absolutely untrue. Not in a million years. Because Bret, wasn’t ready ready at that point. Not even remotely close to Bret, was considered a) coming back with the company and — well, maybe coming back with the company. But he wouldn’t have considered at that point getting back in the ring. In that phase of his life. He was not in a place mentally, physically, or in any other way that he would have done that. I think Kurt sometimes imagines things, and he will talk about them and talk them into existence. Whereas it’s — would it have been great in their prime? Holy cow, would have been fabulous. But no, that timeframe? Absolutely not.”

On whether he was surprised by Bret Hart’s WWE return in 2010:

“I was. I was very surprised, because — I was very surprised, just because of his health more than anything. And I think that Bret didn’t want to tarnish his career, and tarnish what he had done previously if that makes any sense. Because Bret looked at his body of work — you know, he was proud of his body of work. And Bret was always one of those guys that didn’t want to go away and come back later on, and be less than what he was born. So for him to do that? Yeah, I was shocked.

“But also at the same time, I think that Bret in his head was still one of those individuals that was talented enough, that he knew what his limitations were and could work around them. You know, Bret on his worst day could have a great match with a broomstick. So he did that with Vince [McMahon]. I don’t know how great the match was, but you know. So yeah, I could see Bret coming back and doing it. I just think that if you’d asked me five years before that, ‘Do you see Bret Hart coming back?’ I’d say no.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

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