Bryan Danielson Shoots On His WWE WrestleMania 37 Experience

During an appearance on the Casual Conversations podcast, Bryan Danielson talked about his Wrestlemania 37 match against Roman Reigns and Edge:

“The Wrestlemania moment was just weird, I really honestly didn’t feel like I belonged in that triple threat match with Roman and Edge. I thought the story was strong enough on its own for it to be just them. I knew for sure what I was going to do contract-wise, but I knew I was going to be taking some time off. When my contract expired, it was the last day of April. I was like okay even If I come back I should do something where I wrestle somebody else and kind of put them over at Wrestlemania. I thought Jey Uso would’ve been a great choice for that but you know somebody else in that vein. So that was my thinking going out. When I walked out for the match at Wrestlemania, it felt so empty. Fans were cheering and all that kind of stuff. When I wrestle, I feel everything. What I remember most about that match is just feeling empty and thinking oh man, I legitimately felt like am I gonna die… Is this a premonition that I’m gonna die and I wasn’t even freaked out.”

You can check out the full interview below: