Cain Velasquez Praises Brock Lesnar, Calls Him “Legit” And “The Real Deal”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Both former UFC heavyweight champions, Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar have fought inside the squared circle and the Octagon.

Cain defeated Lesnar to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 121 before making his WWE debut on the first episode of SmackDown on FOX in 2019 and beginning a feud with Lesnar, who was the WWE Champion at the time.

It resulted in them working a match at Crown Jewel 2019 in Saudi Arabia, which Lesnar won in just over two minutes. This marked Cain’s WWE in-ring debut.

The former UFC fighter discussed his history with Lesnar with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on the Rampage & Bear podcast.

Here are the highlights:

On Lesnar:

“Brock was a very big upper body, like, just a monster. Yeah, just looking at him, like, in person. Just like a monster. So, I mean, that was a crazy experience, but I knew what I had with that. I was so good at getting out from the bottom, and that whole camp, like, in general, was Daniel Cormier.”

On it being awkward working with someone he fought before:

“I worked with him, yes. I guess [it being awkward]. He was a little scarred up. It’s not like we did the thing and it was all good. He has something for life on his face. I don’t know if anybody tells him about it or puts it in his face.

On Lesnar as a wrestler:

“He’s amazing. He’s the real deal. He’s legit.”

On fighting Lesnar:

“He moves really fast. And very powerful, like. If he really got a little more comfortable with mixing it up on the striking, like and strike really well. Learn how to use this power and stuff. He would do some stuff. He would kill some people.”

You can check out the show below:

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