Cain Velasquez Talks About Being Green, Lio Rush Responds To Mike Kanellis

– During an appearance on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Cain Velasquez talked about his lack of experience in pro-wrestling:

“I would say there is; I am very green in this sport. I haven’t done it for so long but I’m training and I am trying to learn as much as I can and that is the name of the game, even with fighting. But yes, I am trying to learn the sport just like I know I did with MMA.”

– Lio Rush responded to a now-deleted tweet from Mike Kanellis. Kannelis had addressed a tweet from Rush about being the new Crusierweight champion:

“You won 2 matches. Chill out. There’s an entire roster of Cruiserweights that we’re grinding and working their ass off for our Brand, while you were sitting at home for bad behavior. Let’s not act like you weren’t gift wrapped the cruiserweight championship.”