Chad Gable Re-Signs With WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Chad Gable recently spoke with Gorilla Position on a number of topics including if he has re-signed with the company.

Gable said, “Yes, I have. What I’ll say, regarding Hunter [Triple H]. When he got started with us and took over. I think you saw my trajectory change almost immediately. Even when I was in a tag team with Otis, I started getting singles matches with some of our top guys. To me, a light bulb went off, ‘Things might be different now,’ and they have been ever since.”

On how Triple H has delivered on everything he told him:

“He’s delivered on everything he’s ever told me. When I first came to him, and me and Otis were floundering and not doing much, he said what he was doing was trying to find consistent places on TV for everybody every week. Whether it was a little chunk of TV or a big one; everyone should be involved at some point. At the time, I was like, ‘I’ve heard all this before,’ and it gets to you, but I saw it was true, and it was delivered.”

On how Triple H has helped maximize Alpha Academy’s TV time:

“Even if we only had a minute or two every week, we were getting it and we were involved in something and maximizing our minutes. The fact that he delivers on what he says, it has gone a long way with someone like me. Now, that’s paying off and I’m having the run of my life and I’m having a blast.”

You can check out Gable’s comments in the video below.