Chelsea Green Recalls Doing Motion Capture Work For WWE Back In 2017

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Chelsea Green recently spoke with Haley Miller of on a number of topics including how she did motion capture work for the company back in 2017 when she was not a part of the WWE or NXT roster.

Green said, “It really is a full circle moment, that’s the perfect way to describe it. It’s such a cherry on top of the amazing year that I’ve already had coming into WWE and kind of taking off so quickly. In 2017 I did mocap [motion capture] in California for so many WWE Superstars and at the time I was doing it, I was so sad that I wasn’t part of the WWE roster or the NXT roster. So now looking back, I mean, one thing I will say is I am dying to know who did my mocap. I hope that they had fun with it because I know that when I was there doing it, it was so much fun to do Carmella’s moonwalk, and Valhalla’s tackle and Liv Morgan-isms and Sasha Banks-isms. All of these amazing performers, it was really a fun job to have so I would love to know who did mine and how much fun they had!”