Chris Hemsworth Unsure If Hulk Hogan Biopic Is Still Happening

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Hollywood celebrity Chris Hemsworth, who played the role of Thor in the Marvel movie series Avengers, recently spoke with Screen Rant on a number of topics including how it’s an absolute honor as well as a fantastic opportunity to work with Todd Phillips in the biopic on WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, but he is unsure if it is still happening.

Hemsworth said, “To work with Todd Phillips, who we discussed making that film with, would be an honor and a fantastic opportunity. I can’t say it’s officially happening yet. If there was a green light, I’d get to work on it. But it’s interesting. Dementus’ vocal quality was something I could invent and it would be surprising to people, but there wouldn’t be any judgment or comparison. It’s a tricky thing to play a real-life character. I’ve done it once before, and people immediately have the measuring stick out and the critiques and so on. It’d be nerve-wracking, but if there’s a great script and a story to tell, I’d love to jump into it. But there’s nothing official at this point.”

Hemsworth was cast as the WWE Hall of Famer back in 2019, with Todd Phillips as the film’s director.