Ciampa on Why He’s “The Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time”

WWE star Ciampa recently spoke on the Smash The Mat podcast for an in-depth conversation about various topics. During the discussion, Ciampa commented on his abilities as a performer:

“I’m the greatest sports entertainer of all time. I started saying it when I was wrestling Johnny Gargano, who to me, is one of, if not the best in-ring wrestler there is. I started to compare us, as you would any feud or foe that you have. What do I have that he doesn’t? Well, I talk. I walk, I look the way I look. As well as the way I perform in the ring. Overall, when you think of ‘what does the prolific professional wrestler of today look like?’ It’s me. Maybe, minus four inches. Nothing I can do about that, though. You control what you can control. When I say I’m the greatest sports entertainer of all time, it’s because I am. I have a really good in-ring IQ. I know how to tell a story and make everything count. My strikes are second to none. My intensity and focus, second to none. My work ethic, second to none. People are going to start to see that over the next few months. The more opportunities I get, the more times I get up to bat, the more home runs I hit, the more fans are going to understand what they’re dealing with.”

You can watch the complete interview below:

(h/t to Fightful for the transcription)