Cody Rhodes On What The Rock Gave Him On The WWE RAW After WrestleMania

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Cody Rhodes is doing media appearances to promote Saturday’s King and Queen of the Ring PLE. Bully Ray asked Rhodes today on Busted Open Radio what The Rock put in his hand on Raw following WrestleMania. Mark Henry wondered if it was a gentlemen’s bet.

Rhodes said, “It wasn’t a dollar. It was certainly more expensive than that. I tried to make a positive overture, an olive branch to The Rock and the Seven Bucks team because I have an immense respect for what they’ve done. They set the table so that I can eat at it. He did not feel that that was a positive overture and handed it back to me. That’s the best I can give you Bully but I was pretty heart-stricken over the fact that it came back but if anything, like Triple H told me, it’s not fun and games for these guys. They’re coming for you and you either get ready or you don’t.”

Bully followed up by asking if he believes The Rock will return for him and if his version of the story (Empire Strikes Back) is the next step for him.

Rhodes said, “If we’re looking at Star Wars parallels, I feel like we’re maybe past Jedi at this point. Here’s the struggle I have with a person like The Rock. I know it’s underneath there. I know inside is the People’s Champion. I was the biggest Rock fan growing up. I know he’s in there. That’s not what returned. We got the Final Boss. We got the cursing. We got an unbelievably gritty and formidable, if you look at just his size compared to most wrestlers of the day, in terms of his athletic ability and his size. I just wish the relationship had been different and I can’t sit here hoping for that forever. I can’t sit here saying man I’d like to bring the real People’s Champion back. I really would because I think that’s what’s underneath there. But perhaps The Rock is too far gone.”

The Rock is currently working on other projects but he’s expected back in time for the build for WrestleMania 41. Cody will defend the Undisputed WWE Championship against Logan Paul this Saturday in Saudi Arabia at the WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE.

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