Cody Rhodes Set For Upcoming WWE SmackDown

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As WWE builds towards the SummerSlam PLE from Detroit, MI, on August 5 one of the top performers from RAW will make an appearance on the blue brand at an upcoming show.

That star is Cody Rhodes, who defeated Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank on Saturday.

At SummerSlam, Rhodes is expected to wrestle his third match with Brock Lesnar. Several matchups for the show have recently been released. Click here for possible spoilers.

Rhodes has published his July schedule, which includes the July 14th SmackDown show in Raleigh, NC. He’ll most likely be working a dark match, but he could make an appearance on television.

The following is his schedule:

7/3: Raw – Baltimore, MD

7/10: Raw – Buffalo, NY

7/14: SmackDown – Raleigh, NC

7/15: House Show – Fairfax, VA

7/16: House Show – Salisbury, MD

7/17: Raw – Atalanta, GA

7/22: House Show – Mexico City, MX

7/23: House Show – Monterrey, MX

7/24: Raw – Tampa, FL

7/29: House Show – Fort Myers, FL

7/30: House Show – Coral Gables, FL

7/31: Raw – House, TX