Conor McGregor Comments On Whether He’s Interested In WWE

Conor McGregor, known for being one of the best trash talkers in the UFC, has been rumored to be interested in joining WWE, particularly now that they are under the TKO banner.

Last year, McGregor began mentioning Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on social media, which sparked conversation. He alluded to something happening at WWE SummerSlam in Detroit. Nothing came of it.

Michael Chandler, who McGregor is scheduled to fight this year, called him out on WWE Raw a few weeks back. The former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight champion has not fought since being TKO’d by Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021.

Adam’s Apple recently posted a video of McGregor in New York City, where he was asked if he was interested in WWE.

McGregor initially responded, “You never know, let’s see,” before getting into his car. The UFC star was asked if the concept of it entertains him at all. He said, “Not now,” and noted that they had not approached him.