Daniel Garcia Talks About The Origin of His Dance Moves

AEW star Daniel Garcia recently spoke with Roar Around the Ring on a number of topics including where his dance moves comes from.

Garcia said, “It wasn’t really something that I ever planned to become like an actual thing for me. It was something that … I think I was in El Paso, Texas, I was wrestling Ricky Starks, and El Paso, big Latino community so I started doing like a little dance in the ring. Then that evolved eventually to what it is now. Then it kind of started to take a life of its own, I would say Forbidden Door in Toronto this past June when I wrestled [Katsuyori] Shibata, Orange Cassidy, and Zack Sabre Jr., I feel like that’s when the dance really started to become an actual trait for Daniel Garcia.”

You can check out Garcia’s comments in the video below.