Darby Allin Will “Stop At Nothing” To Ensure Sting’s Wrestling Career Ends On A High

Darby Allin spoke to TheAthletic.com about Sting’s upcoming retirement match at tonight’s 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event.

“Sting had that neck injury 10 years ago. He was going to have to retire. I remember saying, ‘Man, this guy’s career is gonna end like that?’ It’s wild how far I’ve come, and I’m so grateful, especially to be with Sting. I really believe the most important part of that man’s career is the end. And if you s— the bed in his last match, people are always going to remember that. I don’t know if you call it pressure, but to have that going into the match… I’ll stop at nothing. There’s nowhere I’m not willing to go to physically and mentally to prove a point. I will stop at nothing to make sure that man’s career ends on a high.”

“Outside the ring, the camaraderie we have, the trust he has in me, it’s really awesome. We could have just played this on-air buddy role, but to know I’m legit friends with him outside the ring… I think that’s why it goes over so well on screen. He could have just ridden off into the sunset and played it safe, but he’s got a work ethic like no other.”