Dave Bautista Issues Statement After Receiving His Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt

“The Animal” can tie you into a pretzel.

Unless you’re a heavyweight black belt.

WWE legend and acting star Dave Bautista took to social media this week to share photos and comment on receiving his brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

Batista wrote the following via his official Instagram page:

    ““Very proud to be posting this. I started training BJJ with @cesargraciebjj @graciefighterph in 2010 and even though I got my ass handed to me by everyone at the academy, I immediately fell in love. It’s a puzzle I’ll never solve and if you know me, you know I get obsessed with things I can’t figure out. It’s been a challenging process with my work schedule, in fact I barely trained from 2014 when I got my purple belt to 2021. Last fall I dedicated myself to progressing and this week it finally happened. I was presented my brown belt by my brothers and teammates Black Belt @matheusandre1 and Black Belt @joshraff_ with the blessing of Cesar and teammate Black Belt @jasonmanly. Jason you’re a warrior and a gentleman and I’m grateful AF to know you and call you a friend. Thank you for traveling across the globe and giving up time with your babies to train my old ass. [heart emoji] [folded hands emoji] .. Josh and Matheus you guys have been there for me since DAY ONE , you’ve seen me at my highest and my lowest and never left my side. You can’t put a price on that type of loyalty and I’m proud to call you family. I love the shit out of you guys! [heart emoji] I gotta thank my homies Brown belt and World Champ @the305mvp and Brown Belt @andrew.wags for traveling in to keep me honest and help me get those reps in. Love and appreciate you both. Last but definitely not least I want to thank Black Belt and owner of Gracie Tampa South @mattarroyomma for going out of his way to get me on the mat and always making time for me. Love and respect you brother, you’re the real deal. Good days and bad days, there’s only truth on the mat. You’re exposed one way or another. If you know what I mean then you know what I fucking mean. Respect to everyone willing to put it all out there. Let’s finish what we started. Ossss.. [fist emoji]”