Exclusive: Deonna Purrazzo On Her AEW Run, Mercedes Mone In AEW, Possibly Challenging For The ROH Women’s Title

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW star Deonna Purrazzo exclusively spoke with PWMania.com’s Jose Gonzalez (@JoseOnTheAir) about her current run in AEW, Mercedes Mone in AEW, possibly challenging for the ROH Women’s World Championship, and more.

You can check out the complete interview below:

First of all, congratulations with everything going on with AEW. It’s been nothing short of one of the biggest acquisitions we’ve seen in wrestling in a very long time. How has it been since coming aboard?

“Oh wow, I appreciate that. It’s been great. I was thrust right into the Women’s World Championship picture. I wrestled Toni Storm at Revolution. Toni tapped out, by the way! But it’s been amazing.”

We’ve seen so many different stars kind of throw their hats in the ring, namely Thunder Rosa, most recently a tag partner of yours. Care to comment on what might have happened with that match?

“You know what? Karma is a you know what…. I think Thunder Rosa’s great. She has such a story to tell. She never lost the world championship. I get that she’s eager, and she’s excited, and she wants her title back. I get that, but I should also be the champion. So Thunder Rosa better not look over the Virtuosa.”

One of the big things going on with AEW right now is that there’s been a renewed focus on the women’s division as a whole, with so many of the names that have been hallmarks of the division, as well as, most recently, Mercedes Mone. I know your name has been tossed around in regards to matchups we would all love to see in AEW. How does it feel knowing that you’re among one of the biggest free agents alongside yourself in this company now?

“Yeah. Like I said, it’s been incredible for me to come in, to debut in my hometown, to get the reception I got, and then just a few months later for Mercedes to come in and kind of get to do that herself and stake her claim. She just said last week she wants a shot at the TBS Championship. So it’s going to be interesting to see where that goes, who she wrestles, whether it’s Willow or Julia. Our entire division is just so stacked, and these acquisitions that Tony’s bringing in really continue to just elevate the game and
There’s so many dream scenarios, so many dream matches for everybody. And that’s what you want out of a division. That’s how it grows. That’s how you keep interest. And I really feel so excited and so grateful to be a part of that right now.”

Right now we’re in a great time, not only with AEW, but with Ring of Honor. We have two women’s championships in each side of the roster. You’re no stranger to being a double champion yourself. Perhaps we might see some steps taken to become champ champ once again?

“Ooh, champ champ. I would love that, but not even just making it about me, making it about Ring of Honor and where the women within Ring of Honor have been. I am credited with this rebirth of Women of Honor at the time back in 2015. Mandy Leon and I had this first match to kick off women back in Ring of Honor. And to see the struggle that we went through And to where they are now, I mean, there was a Ring of Honor pay-per-view, Supercard of Honor had four women’s matches on it, two for Ring of Honor Women’s World Championships. So my little Women of Honor heart was like beaming. I was at the show. I could not miss that. I couldn’t miss a chance to support all of those girls and what they’re doing. And they’re awesome. And I’m just so excited about it.”

Athena, the Women’s World Champion, has been on this historic reign. You’re no stranger to long, illustrious championship reigns and history-making moments. If for whatever reason the Minion Overlord is looking for a new challenge, would that be something that could tickle your fancy down the line?

“I think so. I mean, I lost my Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship in the main event of Dynamite against Mercedes Martinez. I never got a rematch, so I feel like if I wanted, I have a stake at that championship as well.”

Hopefully we will be seeing you more every Wednesday and Friday or even Saturday.

“I will do all three all of the time.”