Donovan Dijak Reveals He Would Love To Face Keith Lee Again

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former WWE star Donovan Dijak recently spoke with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling’s SP3 on a number of topics including how he would love to face guys he hasn’t faced in years like AEW star Keith Lee.

Dijak said, “There’s guys that I’ve wrestled before that I haven’t wrestled in seven years, I want to wrestle them again. There’s guys that I’ve never wrestled that I’d love to. I just the experience, and I love that I’m in a position now where it feels like I can do more of that than when I was with WWE.”

“The reality with WWE is, you wrestle a lot of the same guys over and over and over again [laughs]. That’s just kind of the way that it boils down. There was a point in my career where Keith [Lee] and I were sick of wrestling each other. Now, we’re at the point where it’s like, we should probably main-event a pay-per-view with this in some capacity [laughs], so hopefully that happens, wherever that might happen.”

You can check out Dijak’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)