Drew McIntyre On The Changes To His Character, Says There Are No Limitations Going Forward

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Drew McIntyre recently spoke with CBS Sports on a number of topics including the changes to his character and how he feels there are no limitations going forward.

McIntyre said, “I’m fueled in a way I have not felt in a long time, I really have to point back to my independent run where I truly found myself and I was truly relaxed and I wasn’t worried about anything, except telling my truth, and over the past few years, you know as a smiling sword man, very proud of the work I did, but there was also a line I couldn’t cross, there were certain ways things were always done, we had to stay within those limitations.”

“Right now, it feels like there’s no limitations, there’s no right or wrong answers, there’s everything outside the box. Everything you do now, obviously in collaboration with the creative team, stay on point, stay on the story, don’t go out of the bounds of the story you’re trying to tell, but if you have an idea, you go for it, if it succeeds, it’s on you, if it fails, it’s on you, that’s all I’ve ever asked for my entire career was let it fall on me.”