Enzo Amore Says He Didn’t Want To Turn Heel After Winning The WWE Cruiserweight Title

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former WWE star Enzo Amore recently spoke with Monopoly Events’ For The Love Of Wrestling on a number of topics including how he never wanted to turn heel following his WWE Cruiserweight Title win.

Amore said, “It’s funny you bring up the only time in my entire career where I could not rebuttal in a promo… That was written by Vince McMahon, delivered my me, and meant to turn me into the bad guy, and it did. I never wanted to turn heel.”

On how it was a tough day when he got buried on the microphone and bury a man’s wife:

“This is a television show and I don’t write the script, I could control only certain things, and if I [have] got to be a bad guy, I’m going to let a lot of kids down in the process. It was a tough day at the office when I got flipped heel, I got buried on a microphone and I had to sit there and take it, and then I had to bury a man’s wife.”

You can check out Amore’s comments in the video below.