Eric Bischoff Looks At Brock Lesnar’s Impact On MMA and Pro Wrestling

How big of a role did Brock Lesnar play in the increase of fans in MMA and pro wrestling?

Eric Bischoff looked at this topic, as well as MMA and pro wrestling fans in general during the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how hardcore UFC/MMA fans were never really interested in pro-wrestling: “My impression really was, and still is, that most people who are hardcore, not even hardcore, just big UFC fans don’t get wrestling and aren’t interested in it. There’s a percentage that are, of course, I don’t know if anybody really knows what that crossover percentage is. If it’s 2% of the UFC audience that watches wrestling, or 5%, or 20%, or 80%.”

On how he would be curious to see if Brock Lesnar being a huge star in both sports helped create crossover fans: “I don’t know if anybody else knows that as a fact, through research or data, I’d be curious. And especially curious to see how that’s changed since Brock Lesnar, you know, I’d like to see how that’s changed pre Brock Lesnar and post Brock Lesnar.”

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