Eric Bischoff Responds To Tony Khan’s Comments About Jinder Mahal; Khan And Journalist React

As previously reported, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Jinder Mahal’s world title match on WWE RAW, mentioning that Mahal hasn’t won a televised match in a year.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff asked on Twitter/X if AEW did the same thing with Abadon, and this is Khan’s response.

“No @EBischoff, not true at all. Abadon returned to AEW + then they won a 4 way match on TNT against other great wrestlers to earn a title shot, which is completely different than someone going a full year losing every match they’re in + getting a title shot without a single win.”

“Reading would be your friend, Eric.”

Bischoff replied to Khan with the following:

“Oh kid, my reading comprehension skills are wizard like. By the way, that was one of Dave Meltzer [wrestling reporter] wicked comebacks whenever he’d get called out on his bs. Coincidence or are you really that deep?”

Dave Meltzer chimed in with the following message:

“Dude, sorry I prepped you for that Landsberg interview where you made the claim about how you averaged 5400 tickets sold the prior year and bragged about it. The guy didn’t have Hogan, Flair, Savage or Piper and has double the ticket prices and equalled your number. One of us actually studies numbers, the other calls names because he can’t remember nor has any research capabilities.”