Familiar Name Could Soon Be Joining A WWE Faction

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley appeared on The Bump today to discuss his WrestleMania match. Lashley and The Street Profits will square off against Karrion Kross’ Final Testament in a Philadelphia street fight.

While discussing B-Fab, Lashley stated that she has a little of everything and works hard during her training sessions. He stated, “I think she’s ready to take that step to jump into the upper caliber of the women’s division. Our women’s division is tough. I think our women’s division may even be tougher than the men’s division. I’m willing to keep working with her a little bit and then throw her up there and see if she can take out some of the big names like Rhea and IYO and some of those girls. I think it’s right around the corner. I think she has what it takes.”

Lashley was asked about the progress of his stable and whether he is satisfied with where they are right now. He responded, “To be honest, no. I think we’ve been handcuffed. I think the rug has been pulled from under our feet several different times. The Street Profits were gonna beat Judgment Day when they ahd that match. Rhea came in, Dom came in, everybody cheated us and they didn’t get it. They had another opportunity. They just keep getting the rug pulled from under their feet. Those guys are the best tag team that we have, hands down.”

Lashley then hinted that someone else could be joining the group soon. He stated, “We’re not done yet because I’ve had different partnerships with different people. I’ve shaken hands with a couple of different people throughout my career. I’m kind of talking with someone else to see if maybe we can shake hands again and do something bigger. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. We may know who I’m talking about but I’m not gonna bring it out right now but we’ll see what happens. But our group can only get stronger and I’m ready for it.”

While he did not say his name, it sounded like he was referring to MVP. During the interview, Lashley also discussed his decision not to attend WrestleMania last year and his plans to do more this year.

You can check out the complete show below: