Former WCW Personality Says Dave Meltzer “Is 99.9 Percent Correct On Anything He Has To Say”

Missy Hyatt, a former WCW personality, was asked during an interview with WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews about fan criticism of wrestling reporter/writer Dave Meltzer.

Hyatt said, “Let me tell you. We used to get the sheet. I remember the first time I saw it was in the UWF and we were at the barn doing interviews and everybody would take the sheet and pass it around…we’d all read it and scan it for our names and read what’s going on in different territories. There was no internet back then. So the only way we got information was from the sheets. I called Dave myself one time and said ‘Hey is this right? Is this right?’ I asked him questions and stuff and became friends with Dave. I’ve been friends with Dave since 87 maybe, 88? Long time.”

“It’s unwarranted. Dave is smart. Dave knows more about wrestling. He’s like a historian/everything. I used to call it the stooge sheet. I found out that I was leaving one territory and going to another territory by reading it in Meltzer’s sheet. He had the finger on the pulse of the business and he still does. I love his take on things. He is 99.9 percent correct on anything he has to say. He’s just so intelligent.”

You can check out a clip from the interview below: