Former WWE Star Speaks Out About Being Sexually Abused

Former WWE star Matt Striker recently did an interview with The Roman Show. Here are the highlights.

Being sexually abused as a child: “There’s a lot of things that happened in my life that I don’t share because they are mine, but if I can ever speak about experiences to help people I am not a shame to say right now I was sexually abused, when I was nine years old by a stranger. I struggle with depression. I struggle with social anxiety. When I am not Matt Striker I am the quietest person in the world, but the thing is this, either you give it the power to beat you or you beat it.”

The state of Lucha Underground: “The beauty of pro wrestling and Lucha Underground is that we can create stars overnight. We can take you and put you in a match with Vampiro and next morning everyone will know your name and you’ll be trending worldwide. I am not concerned. Lucha Underground needs to find a new home or maybe a new network.”