Backstage Update On Dominik Mysterio’s Injury Status

WWE star Dominik Mysterio is currently dealing with an elbow injury and while it was believed that he will need to undergo a surgery most commonly associated with baseball pitchers called “The Tommy John surgery,” that does not seem to be the case.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Mysterio will be getting physical therapy instead of a surgery after it was announced on Tuesday that he would be needing a surgery.

Meltzer said, “So he’s going through physical therapy. Originally, the first word that we got was that he was going to need Tommy John surgery. He said, ‘No surgery,’ and I checked with WWE today. And they said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to do physical therapy. He’s not going to have surgery.’ But that was the original word on Tuesday. So that’s the deal. I mean, that was interesting to me because, you know, the length of recovery from Tommy John surgery is very long. But I was thinking, ‘Yeah, but it isn’t as good as three doesn’t have to pitch 90 miles an hour.’ You know, whatever, but he’s not getting the surgery. So and so that’s basically the deal. Yeah.”