Former WWE Superstar Vents About Her Time With The Company

During an Impact Wrestling Knockouts round-table discussion video, Brooke Tessmacher talked about her time working with WWE in 2006-2007:

“So when I got let go from WWE, and everybody knows I went in I was just a pretty face. I was the model. I came in through the Diva Search… When you come in in the Diva Search, it’s just like your tarnished. They’re just waiting for you to fail. It’s like you just get the short end of the stick and they think you’re not serious. Even when I was doing the audition, I remember being literally the only one in there that didn’t just travel around to auditions, teaching everybody who all the wrestlers were. I grew up as a fan. That’s what we did as a family. We were very poor and the only thing we did as a family was watch wrestling… I remember being back at the auditions and I was teaching Layla and The Bella Twins and Maryse and everybody who everybody was, and as we all know they went on to be big, big stars.”

“I didn’t make the cut at that point but got a job later on and it was pure hell to go through. I never got to actually wrestle besides like a few battle royales and things like that, always being the first thrown out or the second, maybe getting to throw one little punch. It was just so sad, and then I got let go.”

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