Former WWE Writer Vince Russo Reacts To Vince McMahon Sex Trafficking Allegations

Former WWE writer Vince Russo reacted to the news that Vince McMahon has been accused of sex trafficking by a former WWE employee.

“I truly hope those Vince McMahon allegations are untrue—I really do. I just read those text messages. Bro—no way. Can’t imagine him leaving that kind of trail behind. I don’t know man.”

“No, bro, NONE of these Wrestling ‘Journalist’ are going to dive into this Vince McMahon news because they might put their Royal Rumble Press Credentials at risk. FACT.”

“Man, reading up on this Vince McMahon story it just brings me back to when Triple H gave his reason years ago on why Chyna wasn’t in the Hall of Fame. Remember that? Always, always, always watch your words. If you’re not careful they will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the Arse.”

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