Freddie Prinze Jr. Says WWE Needs To Do Something Big With LA Knight

(Photo Credit: WWE)

LA Knight is an emerging mega-star.

There’s no denying it.

But WWE needs to be careful how they handle him at this crucial point in his career.

During the latest installment of his podcast, the former actor and WWE writer spoke about how the company needs to do something with LA Knight after having him come up short to Damian Priest in the men’s ladder match at WWE Money In The Bank 2023 at the O2 Arena in London, England last weekend.

“Everybody got big love, except one dude,” Prinze said. “It’s so … at this point that I almost feel bad for the guy,” Prinze explained. “People just hate [Logan Paul]. It isn’t people just hating up, they hate him. They hate what he represents to so many people. They don’t hate success, because there’s plenty of successful people that don’t get that kind of visceral reaction, which is why he’s there, they want that response,” he said. “Which made me think, ‘They’re beating him so much, oh my god, is he going to actually win this?’ But I guess it was just for the crowd satisfaction, they decided to give the people what the people want. To some degree. The people wanted L.A. Knight to win, but that didn’t happen.”

Prinze continued, “Then he makes the reckless mistake that so many before him have made, and L.A. Knight’s older so he should be a student of the game. You don’t go for the briefcase in the middle of a fistfight on the top of a ladder. The people want to see L.A. Knight in an ‘A’ storyline, whether it’s the title or not. but I think they want to see him in the title picture.”

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