Gabe Kidd Takes A Shot At WWE And AEW, Says NJPW Is Where The Real Stuff Is

NJPW star Gabe Kidd recently spoke with CBS News Los Angeles on a number of topics including how NJPW is where real pro wrestling is unlike WWE and AEW.

Kidd said, “You like theater, go and watch WWE. If you’re a fat nerd who can’t talk to girls, go and watch AEW. If you want to watch the real stuff, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, that’s where it’s at.” Kidd later added, “All you need to know about me, any man, woman, anyone born on this island can never be a better pro wrestler than me. Hulk Hogan? I’m better than him. Undertaker? I’m better than him. Triple H? Listen, I’ll beat ’em all up. I don’t care. I’ll beat ’em all up. I’m the best pro wrestler on the planet. New Japan is the best pro wrestling on the planet. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is where it’s at because it’s where I’m at. Where the dogs are at. Exactly!”